Winners Announcement and Prizes

Winners Announcement Date: June 5, 2010.

We use a random technique, which scans all the winning entries and randomly picks up one lucky winner. And following that 5 times, we have following 5 lucky winners of the Tea Break Puzzles II (in alphabetical order):

  1. Chandrasekhara Kumar says
    Again Awesome puzzle!! Looking for more puzzles in a short time!
  2. Clee Matisse says
    Great Job! Make some more for us hungry riddle hounds . :-)
  3. Daisy Rani says
    Good riddles…..create more riddles…..all these brainstorming helped to keep my brain activated…. :)
  4. Praveen Agarwal says
    I found Paheliyaan really amazing and great chain of puzzles… it was really a great brainstorming excercise and simultaneously I came to know about some good facts while googling the clues.
  5. Priyanka Jauher says
    Gr8 riddle. Enjoyed thoughout.

Points To Note:

  • We’ll contact the winners through their e-mail id and will ask for the shipping address to deliver the prize. Prize distribution is subject to the points on Win Prizes page.
  • If you completed the puzzles and you couldn’t find your name in the Hall of Fame, don’t worry! We count all the winning entries which are there in our database and not just the ones in the Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame is designed to show the latest entries only.

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  1. preetham says:

    how 2 solve the first puzzle can some body give me hint

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