Get Instant Paheliyaan Hints

Dear Players,

You’ll find a  link on every puzzle. You may chat with Admin (when available) to ask hints. We’ll try to be online as far as possible.

Also, we have come up with a solution where you can get instant hints of all the levels when needed. Just add in your GTalk or GMail chat as a friend to get hints of Tea Break Puzzles 2. When added, type Level0 or Level1 and so on to receive the hints. That’s it!

We have also been observing the activity on the discussion forum. We are trying to keep you going with the hints but lack at some points. There you can come into action, we request you all to provide hints to the players who are behind you.

Thank You!

33 Responses to “Get Instant Paheliyaan Hints”

  1. ssb says:

    Level 11
    Is it related to universe? is it related to perpetuum mobile? is it related to any kind of infinity at all???

  2. prithvi says:

    Level 9:
    Can somebody give me a strong hint in what format the answer is. i understand that it is about some kind of computer language? tried the language names but dosen’t work. please help!

  3. Mattyboy says:

    Please help with clue on 25 struggling in fact going mad

  4. Mattyboy says:

    thanks done

  5. Ritesh says:

    Language was created in a lab. Picture signifies that.

  6. Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  7. yogesh nagine says:

    i like solve then anytype puzzles pls send me that or chat with me on this topic.

  8. Prerna says:

    Please need help on level 5…is it related to spectrum? animal? light ? vibgyor??

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